Reopening for Hybrid Instruction

As you know, Monday, January 11, 2021, we reopened hybrid instruction with in-person learning taking place at the high school. Please familiarize yourself with the protocols and procedures of hybrid instruction and in-person instruction at the high school aimed at keeping our students and staff safe. 

-To limit the number of students in the building and prevent excessive contact, students participating in in-person learning have been divided into two cohorts (A and B); students choosing to attend virtually have been placed in cohort V. 

-Students are only permitted to enter the building on days which their cohort is in school (Cohort A- days A and C; Cohort B- Days B and D)

-All students & visitors must be wear a mask at all times while on school grounds- neck gaiters are not permitted

-Students driving, walking or getting dropped off are not permitted in the building until 7:20 am. Temperature screening will occur prior to entering the building

-Students being driven to school are to remain in their cars until their temperatures have been screened by a member of the high school staff and will report to the auditorium

-Students who walk to school will have their temperature taken at the front vestibule and will also report to the auditorium

-Students riding the bus to school will be dropped off by the bus at the new gym and temperate screened before entering the building

-Students will remain socially distanced in the auditorium or new gym until 7:40, at which time they will be dismissed to their first period classes

-Students do not have access to lockers and therefore are permitted to carry backpacks and outerwear to their classes

-At the end of each class period there are five minutes allotted for students to sanitize their workplace before moving to their next class

-Students attending class virtually (members of the virtual cohort, or members of a cohort that is not in school that day) are still required to log in to class on time via the Google meet feature of Google classroom and are still held to the same attendance standard as in school

-For more information regarding class periods and day type schedule, please visit this link.  

- As outlined in the district alert, COVID guidelines for in-person instruction now include symptom tracing. That means that a student or staff member that shows symptoms associated with COVID-19 as well as those they have come in contact, will need to quarantine until a negative COVID test is provided. This new change has an even greater chance of impacting our school population because our students travel between classes. The best advice we can provide is to stay home and attend virtually if feeling ill. Please help us keep our building open. For more information, see the attached document.