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(908) 852-8150 ext. 820
Welcome to my webpage; I am happy to be working with you this year! My schedule and google classroom access codes are posted below; just find your class on my schedule and then join the appropriate Google Classroom. This is a very important first step since everything you need to know about our English class will be posted there (so be sure to use lower case letters instead of numbers when necessary). All my classes will meet in A25, if you have questions, please send me an email so that I can expect you. The following slide presentations include information regarding remote learning and my syllabus for each class. 
Google Classroom Codes:

Block         Name of Class                                                Google Classroom Code


Block 1      CP English III with Mrs. Demartini                 lllfvjs

Block 2      Honors English II                                             w7dwap2

Block 3      REA

Block 4      Honors English II                                             a4gpjrb

Block 5      Honors English III                                            nx6zvsx

Block 6      Honors English III                                            egu43wt

Block 7      CP English III with Mrs. Demartini                 l67cb3y

Block 8      REA