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Welcome to Hackettstown High - Ms. Regis' Class Page

Go Tigers !
Welcome to Hackettstown High.
Victoria Regis  M.Ed

Specialization in Teaching and Curriculum

Virtual High School Collaborative

Life Skills Coach

English/ History Secondary Education

Twilight Program Instructor

Edgenuity Online Instructor

Odyssey Programming

School Social Worker

Special Education Teacher

NJ State Supervisor's License


Fine Antiques Enthusiast


“Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.” Bob Dylan

One person’s idea of “right” is not ultimate or universal.

Learning to think critically for oneself is an important life skill. 


Current Schedule 2020/ 2021:


Block 1 - English B3

Block 2 - World History B3

Block 3 - Planning Time

Block 4 - Life Skills B3

Block 5 - English C3

Block 6 - English B3

Block 7-  English B3

Block 8 - Planning Time



Classroom Activities include….   Cooperative learning, problem solving, decision making, consensus building, discussion and debate, questioning, class work, homework, independent study, virtual field trips, map work, notebook organization, reading and writing, listening, researching reports and presentations, computer work, simulations, role playing, acting, music skill development, diction, vocabulary development, making historical, cultural and social connections, individual and group presentations and projects within a calm, accepting, warm classroom environment. Lyrics and laughter are prime components of integration of knowledge. 



Indicators of student progress and growth:

Instruction and assessment are ongoing and mutually supportive in the classroom.  There are para-professionals and support services to reinforce and add to personal development. We teach for understanding and performance and assess both on a consistent basis.


All information and assignments are posted to Google Classroom.

Students have access through their Hackettstown High email address. 


Feel free to contact me at any time. My goal is to provide an environment where students enjoy walking through the classroom door.

They know they will have a day of acceptance, laughter, challenge and personal growth.





Victoria Regis