Mr. Anthony Villante

The following is a list of courses I will be teaching this year, as well as their academic levels and room assignments just in case students need to locate me during the day. I am available for extra help after school most days or by appointment. Please do not hesitate to see me if you are uncertain or confused about topics, assignments and any material we cover in class. 
Social Studies Depart. 
  • 2019-2020 Course Schedule
    • Block 1 - REA
    • Block 2 - US 1 CPA - Room A30 - Google Classroom code: gi6ejjh
    • Block 3 - US 2 CP - Room A32 - Google Classroom code: ns5c2q2
    • Block 4 - US 2 CP -Room A32 - Google Classroom code: hlf76cw
    • Block 5 - US 1 Honors - Room A32 - Google Classroom code: hl6x6r2
    • Block 6 - US 1 Honors - Room A32 - Google Classroom code: bszbd7a
    • Block 7 - REA
    • Block 8 - US 1 CPA - Room A32 - Google Classroom code: fwamdrp
What students will need everyday in class to be successful:
  • A blue or black pen or pencil
  • Their organized, comprehensive history notebook (name and date on all material) 
  • Their textbook (until further notice)
  • A positive attitude, eagerness to learn the curriculum and a good work ethic
Students will be responsible for having an organized history notebook. The notebook should either be a separate 3-ring binder with a place to hold study guides and other material given throughout the course or a designated, separate section in a comprehensive, multiple course notebook. Please make sure your first and last name and date are on all papers you are given.  
Remember, "the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary."     Vince Lombardi  
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