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Centenary University Partnerships

Hackettstown Scholars Partnership
  • (Formerly Centenary University Pilot Program Courses)


    Pick up a registration packet from the Guidance Office and do the following.

    1.  Using the list of courses approved by Centenary University for Hackettstown students to take (available on the bottom of this page webpage) and the course offerings (available on Centenary University's webpage or provided below) select the class(es) you are interested in taking.  The class you sign up for must be on the approved list (see link below).  Juniors and Seniors must take classes after the normal school day ends.
    Please refer to Centenary University's Academic Schedule from


    *The class schedule is subject to change*

    2.      Parents & students must complete and sign the “Centenary University / Hackettstown Pilot Admission Application”.  Please note: the program is available to Juniors and Seniors attending Hackettstown High School.

  • 3. Parents & students must complete and sign the “Registration for Hackettstown High School Students” (yellow) form.
    DO NOT complete the sections of the form which asks for the following information:  Course No. and Section; Days & Time; Course Name; Credits; Tuition.
  • 4. A check for the course should be written to "Centenary University"  and will be required with the registration forms. (Please be aware of Centenary's tuition refund policy as per their web site.) Hackettstown High School will pay for the first class a student takes during their senior year. All other courses will be at the expense of the student or family.

  • Background

  • Hackettstown High School and Centenary University have joined in a partnership which enables students to take courses at Centenary at a greatly reduced cost.  Students in grades 11 and 12 may request one of these courses in place of an elective offered by Hackettstown High School. All instruction and grading is done by the instructor at Centenary University.  Interested students should see their guidance counselor for a list of available courses.
  • A Centenary course cannot be taken in place of a course offered at Hackettstown High School without prior written permission by the administration.
  • Students will be scheduled for an open block.  Juniors must remain in the building during this time and will be assigned a location where they need to report for attendance.
  • All Centenary courses are taken for credit at Centenary and they will produce a transcript for students upon request.
  • Students may also receive unweighted credit for their Centenary course at Hackettstown High School.  This must be requested when registering for the course.
  • As a standby program, there are certain restrictions for our students.  The courses which have been approved for our students are indicated in a link below.  We are limited to no more than 2 students per class. Also, our students are enrolled after regular college enrollment is concluded.  Typically, students are being notified of their acceptance the week before the class starts.
Forms required for the process:
Registration for Hackettstown High School Students
Hackettstown Scholars Partnership Agreement