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Home School Eligibility Requirements

Home School Athletic Eligibility Criteria

The following documentation needs to be submitted for athletic eligibility to be granted:

  • A syllabus for each course of study needs to be supplied. Each syllabus should include: a list of texts/resources, a listing of units covered, a timeline of semester hours designated to cover indicated material, and a description of how the student/athlete will be graded/assessed   
    • If an online program was used in place of textbooks, any information related to the software should be included
  • If a course was completed solely online, the homeschool needs to supply a copy of the program and a copy of any transcript that was provided by the online vendor
  • A copy of a scored final exam should be submitted for any course that the transcript identifies as completed. If a final exam is not available then a Student/Athlete Work Portfolio needs to be submitted. The work portfolio should contain at least one graded performance-based task. Samples include but are not limited to: essays/term papers, projects, unit assessments, etc.

It is the responsibility of the homeschool to furnish all material. It is then the responsibility of the public school building principal and/or athletic director to confirm that what the homeschool student/athlete is being taught aligns with the athletic eligibility requirements. The criteria above should be collected and submitted in a neatly organized fashion. A table of contents is recommended.

If a student/athlete plans to participate in public school athletics for several years in a row, documentation per course only needs to be submitted once. Hackettstown High School will collect material and a file will be maintained in the athletic office for each homeschooled student/athlete that wished to participate. Documentation for new courses should be submitted three weeks before the new athletic season begins. That window provides sufficient time for the approval process to occur.   

As with any ineligible student/athlete prior to the season beginning, this does not mean the student/athlete has lost his opportunity to participate. The student/athlete is permitted to try out and practice with the team. The student/athlete will be placed on probation until the proper documentation is furnished. Understand that the student/athlete is ineligible to participate in athletic competition until his/her probation is lifted. If a third of the season has passed and the student/athlete hasn’t submitted the proper documentation, the athletic director reserves the right to release the student/athlete from the team. 

 If there are any additional questions regarding his/her athletic eligibility, please contact the Hackettstown High School Athletic Office at 908-852-8150 ext. 253.