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Physical Examinations / Arbiter Registration (FamilyID)

All Athletes need to register for Arbiter Registration and then register for their sport
Physical Paperwork
Please be aware of the following information:
  1. A physical is required to participate in any sport as well as cheerleading, color guard, and marching band.
  2. Physicals are only good for 365 days from the date of the physical (example July 2, 2011 -July 1, 2012)
  3. Physicals done by a private physician have to be reviewed by the school's physician before participation.  As required by the State of New Jersey.
  4. Physicals must be submitted on the State forms provided, or they will not be accepted.    
Items needed to complete Physical Requirements
  1. A current physical needs to be on file with the Athletic Trainer (the form can be found at the bottom of the page).
  2. Register for an account with Family ID and then Register for your sport.
  3. Submit a completed Random Drug Testing Form (the form can be found at the bottom of the page) with a copy of your physical to the Athletic Trainer.  This only needs to be done one time during your four years at the high school.
What do I need if I already have a current physical on file
  1. Register for your sport on Family ID with your existing Family ID account.
  2. Submit a Health History Update to the Athletic Trainer (the form can be found at the bottom of the page).
Please review the PDFs below
Below you will find all of the necessary forms required for a student to participate in any sport.
(Check out form notes below for more information on forms)
Hackettstown High School Random Drug Testing Form Notes

A Random Drug testing form is required to participate in all sports, marching band, and band front.  You are only required to complete this form once, as it will be kept on file until graduation.

Physical Exam and History Form Notes

This form is required to be printed out, and completed by the parent/ guardian before the physical.  

For the physical form to be considered complete by the State of New Jersey, the following needs to be done:
-  Parent/Guardian and Student-athlete must sign, date, and complete the Health History page.

-  All Student information on all pages needs to be completed by the parent/ guardian.

-  The Doctor must complete and sign off on all clearances including the statement that they (the doctor) have completed the Cardiac Assessment Professional Development Module.  The date should not be the same as the date the physical was given.  If the physician has not completed this module, the physical will not be considered valid.  This is a State requirement.

- Please make sure that the physical is signed, and stamped and the date of the physical is on the History form.

- If you choose to have the physical performed by the school physician in June, the first two steps need to be completed.  Our doctors have completed the Cardiac Assessment Module and their certificates are on file with the school nurse.

Once the physical is completed please follow the following steps: 

- Make sure the physical is stapled together or placed in an envelope.  The Athletic Department is not responsible for lost or separated pages.

- Please make sure that the physical is delivered directly to the Athletic Office and addressed to Kurt Kaiser, LAT, ATC

- Please do not give the physical to your coach.

Health History Update Notes
This form is to be filled out only if you have a current physical (within 365 from the start of the first practice) on file with the Athletic Trainer or if you are turning in a physical that is dated 90 days before the start of practice. (Example: Physical is dated September 1, 2013, and track starts on March 6, 2014, you will also need to fill out this form)