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Reminder:  Hackettstown 9th Graders Must Provide New Residency Documentation

Providing residency documentation is required when students enroll in Hackettstown Public Schools, when they transition to the Middle School and when they transition to the High School.
Most families took care of providing this documentation during the 8th grade as they were selecting classes for 9th grade.  There's still time if families forgot!  A letter is going home to those families to let them know that documentation is missing and we're asking that it be provided before Freshman Orientation, August 23rd.  
Please see the right-hand column for the Re-Registration Form and Preliminary Instruction documents.
POSTED 8/7/19

2018-19 AP Exam Score Reimbursement

Students who received a 4 or 5 of their 2018-19 AP Exams are eligible for reimbursement for the cost of the test.
Those checks are being processed and will be mailed home shortly.  Please contact the Guidance Office if you don't receive your check by the start of school.
POSTED 8/7/19


2019-20 AP Exam Registration Deadline Has Changed

CollegeBoard is making big changes to how the AP Program works.  Students will now have to register for their AP Exams in September-October.  Information about these changes and the registration process will be distributed to AP classes after school starts and will also be available in Guidance.
POSTED 8/7/19


Summer NJSLA - Math & English Testing is Cancelled
A recent New Jersey Department of Education memo had indicated that ONLY students taking a course for the first time during the summer are required to take the corresponding NJSLA assessment. 
Therefore, students taking summer school classes for credit recovery will not be taking any NJSLA assessments.
POSTED 7/26/19