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Mission Statement

Freshman Academy Mission Statement

Freshman year is one of life's first big transitions. The freshman year lays the foundation for what should be some of the most challenging but memorable times of any young adults life. It is the job of the Freshman Academy team to guide each student on their journey through this pivotal first year. Our focus is to establish healthy communication between school and home. Working collaboratively the academy members will monitor achievement for all freshmen students, discuss best practice techniques and coordinate with members of the child study team and guidance department.
Since its creation the academy has contributed to a number of success stories. Although, as several national studies reveal not all students have the best transition into high school. This chilling fact is the result of several factors both within and outside of school. One factor that is always highlighted and is always a focus of the members of the academy is student responsibility. As mentioned above we are only the guide on this journey. We hope that increasing communication between school and home will help every student understand their vital role in this process. As the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.”  Each students personal contribution is key to the success seen at the high school level. Our goal at HHS is to make sure all of our students are successful and ultimately graduate high school. Partnering with students and parents we are certain that this goal is achievable.
The Freshman Academy welcomes you and  we are excited to start this journey with you.