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Working Papers Update Due to Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed the typical workflow for many aspects of school function. Executive Order No. 135 outlines new procedures that need to be followed for a student to get working papers. Below the new criteria is outlined in bullet form. If you would like to read further within the order, it is also attached (see page 8).
1. Open the working paper link provided by the state. For Digital Copy of Working Papers, Click Here
2. Complete Section A. This can be accomplished by printing it out or completing it digitally. The document is writable so if you would like to do it digitally, just click and type.
3. Once Section A is complete, the application will need to be printed. DON'T FORGET YOUR PARENT'S SIGNATURE  
4. To complete Section B, you will need to make arrangements with your future employer. Your future employer is responsible for completing and signing this section. 
5. Section C should be completed by your personal physician or school nurse. If you have a physical on file, contact Mrs. Allison Millian
6. Once sections A, B, & C are complete, you must email the main office secretary, Mrs. Ruby Best Once emailed, she will contact you to schedule a video conference (required by Executive Order No. 135) to verify proof of age and to go over the remaining steps for completing the paperwork. It is recommended your parent be part of the video conference.