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Working Papers

Below you will find the instructions on filling out the Working Papers, form-A300.   
Our summer hours are from 8 AM - 3 PM,  Monday - Thursday.  
Please call Mrs. Best if you have any questions (908) 852-8150 extension -2222
1. Open the working paper link provided by the state. For Digital Copy of Working Papers, Click Here
2. Complete Section A. This can be accomplished by printing it out or completing it digitally. The document is writable so if you would like to do it digitally, just click and type. - PLEASE BRING A COPY OF YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE OR OTHER FORM OF 
3. Once Section A is complete, the application will need to be printed. DON'T FORGET YOUR PARENT'S SIGNATURE  
4. To complete Section B, you will need to make arrangements with your future employer. Your future employer is responsible for completing and signing this section. 
5. Section C should be completed by your personal physician or school nurse. If you have a physical on file, contact Mrs. Allison Millian [email protected]
6. Section D - Please bring a copy of your birth certificate or other form of proof of age indicated. 
7. Sign your name and date it on Section F over Signature of Minor.
8. Once sections A, B, & C and D are completed and your signature is in section F, you must email or call the main office secretary, Mrs. Ruby Best [email protected] She will contact you to schedule an appointment to finalize the paperwork. The appointment can be a video conference if requested. During the appointment, she will verify proof of age and go over the remaining steps for completing the paperwork. It is recommended your parent be part of the process.
Starting on June 1st, 2023, Working Papers applications will be online at