Guidance Department Information

Hackettstown High School Guidance Department
7:30 AM to 3:30 PM
Phone: (908) 850-6508 Ext. 4

Welcome to the Hackettstown High School

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"Our children are a living message we will send to a future that we will never see."

Vision of Hackettstown High School

The Guidance Department at Hackettstown High School is the focal point of the school community, serving students, parents, teachers and administration. Students may access services in the guidance office by making appointments with counselors assigned to them. Counselors are available to assist and advise students about personal problems, academic problems, career choices, course selections, college choices and scholarship applications. The guidance department also assists in student orientation information services and standardized testing. The guidance office is open during regular school hours and throughout the summer.
Please visit the Guidance Announcements page for the latest information. 

Counseling Staff

Director of Pupil Personnel Services:

Mr. Guy Jorstad

908-852-8150 x2233

Assistant to the Director of Pupil Personnel Services:

Ms. Pamela Willson

908-852-8150 x 2230

Student Assistance Counselor:

Mrs. Jennifer Spuckes

908-852-8150 x2232

Mrs. Laurie Cardell

908-852-8150 x2234

Class of 2021

A - F

Clas sof 2022

A - F

Class of 2023 A - E

           Class of 2024                                                                             A - F                  


Mr. Michael Lamison

908-852-8150 x2236

Class of 2021

G - M

Class of 2022

G - O

Class of 2023 F - M 
Class of 2024 G - M


Ms. Katherine Schuma

908-852-8150 x2245

Class of 2021

N - Z

Class of 2022

P - Z

 Class of 2023   N - Z
Class of 2024 N - Z



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