Paying for College

Students graduating with the HHS Class of 2024 have received a Google Classroom invitation to apply for the scholarships and awards that will be announced at the Senior Awards Ceremony in June.  All information and applications materials are only available via the Google Classroom. Any questions or concerns, please contact Laurie Cardell at [email protected]. Application deadline is Sunday, March 24, 2024 at 11:59pm- no exceptions!
IMPORTANT: Please see the informational flier (on the Guidance Announcements page) for details regarding applying to Centenary University, their Instant Decision Day and their Full-Tuition Scholarship.
Oct. 3rd- Information Sessions in Guidance during lunch
Before Oct. 27th- Applicants must sign up for Instant Decision Appointment on the Senior Guidance Google Classroom 
Nov 1st- All admissions and scholarship application materials are due to Centenary  
Garden State Guarantee (free/reduced higher education based on your income):
NJ Community College Opportunity Grant (free/reduced education based on your income)
September 8, 2020  Financial Aid Presentation by Principia Prep linked below
"College Aid Presentation" Understanding The Financial Aid Process in 2021
“Going to College in New Jersey” is Now Available Online
The College Aid Program for families of Sophomores & Juniors (Scholarships, Grants, Financial Aid)
-What Sophomore and Junior parents should know and be doing now
-The impact of Test Optional/Blind going forward on the Financial Aid process
-The Federal and State changes to College Aid because of Covid
-Scholarships Available before Senior year in High School
-The impact of divorce and remarriage on Financial Aid Opportunity
-The CARE’s ACT impact on the Financial Aid Future
-How to evaluate colleges on the out of pocket cost