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Transcript Requests

The High School Transcript is the record of a student's academic accomplishments in grades 9 through 12.  It records every course taken, grade received and credits earned.  Additionally, a GPA (grade point average) is calculated.  
  • Official transcripts are sent electronically to a college or mailed in a sealed, stamped envelope.  Official, sealed transcripts can be given directly to a student.  However, if you are delivering an official transcript then you cannot open the envelope.
  • Unofficial transcripts can be printed or given directly to students but will generally not be accepted by colleges or employers.
Parents and students can view their transcript at any time (before graduating) on the Student/Parent Portal under Grades by selecting View Transcript.  
Graduates must request a transcript from the High School Guidance office.
Seniors must complete a release of records form to grant the guidance department permission to release transcript information to a college, athletic department, military recruiter or other organization.  That form will be provided during your senior meeting.
When applying to colleges, current students will use Naviance to indicate which colleges are to receive their transcript.
All graduates are required to complete the Senior Survey in order to participate in graduation activities.  On this Senior Survey students will indicate which college they are attending in the fall. 
Final transcripts will automatically be sent to those colleges.  Transcripts are sent electronically or mailed in the first week after graduation.  
Special note:  Hackettstown Public Schools does not retain a copy of the student's diploma.  The diploma should be kept with other important records in a safe place where it can be accessed in the future.  Once lost, it cannot be replaced.
Alumni may request their Hackettstown High School transcript at any time by fully completing the Alumni Transcript / Immunization Request form found to the right.
  • If you did not graduate then please indicate the years you attended Hackettstown and what grade you were during these years.
  • Make sure you indicate your name at the time of graduation if it is different now.
Please note that parents cannot request transcripts for their student after graduation.  If your child needs a new transcript then please forward the request form to them.
Guidance Office Hours:
  • September through June -- Monday through Friday -- 7:45 AM to 3:15 PM
  • July and August -- Monday through Friday -- 8:15 AM to 2:45 PM
Transcripts are free.
Please allow one week for transcripts to be processed and mailed.
Hackettstown High School does not keep copies of diplomas
Hackettstown High School cannot produce a Warren County College transcript showing college credits for classes taken through the Dual Credit Program.  You must request this directly from the college.
Hackettstown High School cannot produce a Centenary University transcript showing college credits for classes taken through the Partnership.  You must request this directly from the university.