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This page provides students and parents with information about available High School courses as well as the scheduling process.
Things that you should keep in mind when selecting courses:
Additionally, pay special attention to our Dual Credit Program with Warren County Community College and our partnership with Centenary University.  These exceptional opportunities let you get a jump on your college experience and could save you money!
The following presentations have been prepared for our 8th grade students and families to introduce them to the High School academic coursework and levels as well as elective choices.
Presentation: Academic Courses & Credits
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Presentation:  Academic Levels & Prerequisites
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Presentation:  Elective Courses 
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8th Grade Scheduling Presentation Night
Course Catalog for 2022-23
8th grade students are being asked to enter their preliminary course requests into a Google Form.  These responses will be referenced during your one-on-one meeting with a High School guidance counselor.  The date and time of your appointment will be communicated directly from your middle school.
Allamuchy Township Students:
Great Meadows Regional Students:
Hackettstown Middle Students:
The following materials have been prepared for our High School students and families to assist them with the scheduling process.
High School Student & Parent Guide to Scheduling for 2022-23:
Scheduling Presentation:
Course Catalog for 2022-23:







Students in CP are expected to cover the same curricular content and use the same primary text as CPA.

Students in CPA will to cover the same curricular content and use the same primary text as CP.  Additional materials will be utilized in the classroom at a level of rigor between CP and HON.

Students in Honors are expected to cover advanced curricular content and will typically use more challenging texts and ancillary materials than will CP/CPA.

CP is designed for students who may still be developing their skills within a given topic or discipline.  As such, the depth, breadth and pace of CP courses may be adapted to meet the ability levels of the students.

CPA is designed for students who have demonstrated consistent success within a given topic or discipline.  As such, the depth, breadth and pace of CPA courses are more demanding than CP.

Honors is designed for students who have demonstrated exceptional ability within a given topic or discipline.  The depth, breadth and pace of Honors courses are rigorous and designed to challenge even the most advanced students.

Teachers will provide more frequent in-class opportunities for students to develop skills, research techniques and analytic abilities.  Work done independently is reinforced in class. Completion of homework is a requirement and expectation of CP courses.

Students will be expected to go into greater depth as they refine existing skills, research techniques and analytic abilities.  CPA has a greater emphasis on independent work done outside of the classroom with minimal subsequent reinforcement. Additional background study of scholarly and ancillary materials will be expected.

Students are expected to have mastered and be able to apply their skills, research techniques and analytic abilities.  Independent work done outside of the classroom focuses on acquiring new information which students must then be prepared to utilize upon their return to the classroom.  Extensive study of scholarly and ancillary materials will be required.

Teachers will assist students with developing the note-taking techniques, classroom participation and at-home study skills needed for academic success.  Students are expected to consistently practice and apply these skills.

Students will be expected to consistently practice the note-taking techniques, classroom participation and at-home study skills needed for academic success at the more demanding CPA level.

Students will be expected to consistently and independently practice the note-taking techniques, classroom participation and at-home study skills needed for academic success at the rigorous Honors level.

Numeric GPA Weight Bonus =

+0 (No Bonus)

Numeric GPA Weight Bonus =


Numeric GPA Weight Bonus =



Numeric GPA Weight Bonus = +10

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college level courses and are intended for students who have demonstrated superior knowledge of the subject matter and who have a sincere desire to pursue an in-depth approach to the subject.  The student should be self-motivated as they will be required to do independent work outside of the classroom. The course work will be rigorous and time consuming. Choosing an AP course will require dedication, self-discipline and a true interest in the subject matter.

It is the belief of Hackettstown High School that participating in Advanced placement courses should culminate with student taking the College board AP exam for that particular course, as research indicated that those student who participate in the exam exhibit a higher level of future academic achievement.  Therefore, all student enrolled in an AP course are expected to take the AP exam, with the cost of the exam to be borne by the student.

All students in grades 9, 10 and 11 are required to pursue a minimum course load of seven classes or 35 credits per year.  Students are permitted to take a maximum of one block of Supervised Study per semester.
All coursework must be taken on-campus, during the school day and taught/supervised by a Hackettstown High School employee.
The Virtual High School may be utilized for elective coursework only and may not be used in place of a course otherwise required and/or offered in-house.
Any exceptions should be requested through guidance for review and possible approval by the administration.
Application and Approval Required
Virtual High School (VHS) is an online learning program offering over 200 courses. Course descriptions are available at and vary from year to year. Students are able to request these courses in place of electives offered by Hackettstown High School. All instruction and grading is done online by a certified teacher who is not in the employ of Hackettstown Public Schools. However, there is a Hackettstown High VHS Site Coordinator available to assist our students with technical issues. Interested students should see their guidance counselor for a Hackettstown High School Virtual High School Student Enrollment Packet
  • Successful VHS students must be computer proficient, highly motivated, and able to work independently.
  • A VHS course cannot be taken in place of a course offered at Hackettstown High School without prior written permission by the administration.
  • Access to an internet-ready computer at home is mandatory as Hackettstown Public Schools does not guarantee access to one during the school day.
  • Students in grades 9-11 are required to report to the Library or other specified location during their VHS block. Their attendance will be re- corded and their progress will be monitored. (Students should use this time to work on their VHS assignment if a computer is available.)
  • Honors and Advanced Placement VHS classes will receive the appropriate weighting based upon the level of instruction for purposes of GPA calculation.
  • Students in Advanced Placement VHS classes MUST take the corresponding AP Test at their own expense. Students who do not agree to this may not take the AP course (this is a VHS requirement).
  • All other VHS courses are weighted as 1.00 for purposes of GPA calculation.
  • Seating is limited and course selection is not guaranteed.
VHS courses taken, as well as grades and credits earned, are recorded on the Hackettstown High School Transcript.  These courses count towards Honor Rolls and GPA calculations.
The Dual Enrollment program, sponsored by Warren County Community College, provides Hackettstown students with the opportunity to earn college credit while completing their high school course of study. Students who complete approved High School classes also get credit for an equivalent course at Warren County Community College. Students are required to take any mid-terms or final exams at Hackettstown High School to qualify for dual credit.
  • During the course selection process students will have two options with regard to these courses.
    • By selecting a course eligible for Dual Credit, you are also requesting that and giving approval for Hackettstown High School to share with Warren County Community College any demographic and academic information needed for participation in this program.
    • Students who do not wish to participate in the program will select the course request that ends in “(Student REFUSES Dual Credit)”. By selecting this option no demographic information will be shared with WCCC and no WCCC transcript will be generated.
  • Dual Enrollment course are not designated as such on the Hackettstown High School transcript.
  • Warren County Community College will maintain their own transcript for students who have participated in the program.
  • Students must request this transcript directly from WCCC as Hackettstown High School has no access to these transcripts.
  • There is no fee to participate in this program.
  • All decisions regarding the acceptance of credit transfers are at the discretion of the receiving college/university.
There are a variety of benefits for participating in this program. Students can jump-start their college studies. Students can become familiar with college-level academic requirements and expectations which allows them to transition more easily into a college environment. Families may potentially save on college tuition by shortening the time necessary to complete a college degree by transferring courses from WCCC.
The following courses are available for college credit:



HHS Course

WCCC Equivalent



ACC 101 Principles of Accounting



ART 201 Drawing



BIO 176 Intro to A & P/Pathology



BIO 162 General Biology



MAT 201 Calculus I



MAT 201 Calculus I


MAT 202 Calculus II



CHE 110 Intro to Chemistry



ENG 140 English Comp I


ENG 141 English Comp II



HIS 102 Western Civilization II



BIO 165 Environmental Studies



POL 110 Intro to American Government



PHY 111 College Physics I


PHY 112 College Physics II



ART 115 Basic Design



HIS 114 American History



HIS 101 Western Civilization


HIS 250 Twentieth Century Global History



SOC 103 Intro to Sociology



CRJ 107 Forensic Science



MAT 110 Topics of Math



MAT 131 College Algebra



MAT 141 Precalculus



FOR 201 Intermediate Spanish I



FOR 251 Intermediate Spanish II



BUS 201 Principles of Marketing



MAT 151 Statistics


Hackettstown High School cannot produce a Warren County College transcript showing college credits for classes taken through the Dual Credit Program.  You must request this directly from the college.
Hackettstown High School and Centenary University have joined in a partnership that enables 11th and 12th-grade students to take courses at Centenary at a greatly reduced cost.
To learn more, everything you need to know is located in the attached presentation. To access the presentation, click here
To view available courses, click here

What is Option II?


The New Jersey Department of Education created Option II to provide a degree of flexibility for students who want to challenge themselves with educational experiences that fall outside of the regular program offered in a school or to pursue higher levels of coursework. As stated in the Department of Education’s guidelines on the subject (found at “Option II, or program completion, permits district boards of education to determine and establish curricular activities or programs aimed at achieving the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for promotion and graduation purposes. Option II serves as an alternative to traditional high school courses and involves in-depth experiences that may be provided by school district personnel or instructors not employed by the school district. Option II allows local school districts to design and implement curricular programs that meet the needs of all students. The regulations support student participation in deep and meaningful learning experiences that advance student learning and focus on student interest and abilities.”


To access the application click here

This senior option is intended for seniors who have the opportunity to work during school hours. The Senior Option: Early Release is only available to seniors who are making adequate progress towards graduation requirements and whose schedule permits the early dismissal. Interested seniors must complete an Early Release Application which will allow the administration to determine if this is a viable option. The goal of Senior Option: Early Release is to provide seniors with the time to gain work experience in an effort to enhance his/her work resume. If interested, please speak to your guidance counselor about the Early Release option and its impacts to your schedule. In order to participate, applicants must agree to and follow all guidelines outlined in the application. 
To start your application, click here
The information below will assist you in making appropriate course requests for 2021-22.  Please be aware of the following information and deadlines:
  • 2/12/2021.  Guidance counselors are providing all students with scheduling information in large group presentation.
  • 2/12/2021 through 2/21/2021.  This is the window during which students should enter their course requests on the student portal.  The deadline is Sunday, 2/21/2021.  After the portal closes the guidance counselor will be the only person able to make changes to course requests.
  • 2/22/2021 through 3/12/2021.  This is the window during which counselors will be meeting with students to finalize their course requests.  Every student will receive a private meeting.  We ask for your patience during this time as the counselors will also be meeting with 8th grade students in families during this time also.
High School Scheduling Presentation
Student and Parent Guide to Scheduling for 2021-22 
Course Catalog for 2021-22