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After School Tutoring

The following are the expectations for students who attend tutoring sessions:
      • Students who wish to attend tutoring sessions after school may do so, virtually, with a designated tutor Mon-Thurs, & Fri by appointment.
      • One full hour tutoring session will recover one absence in any one class.
      • Small group instruction and break-out rooms will be utilized to assist students. This is also a great opportunity for Peer Tutoring. If you need a peer tutor in a specific subject, email your guidance counselor and they will make arrangements with an honor society to provide a tutor.
      • If two students would like to work together in a Meet for a class project or to just study, they are allowed to do so.
      • If you are attending tutoring for attendance recovery purposes, you can attend any tutoring session (not necessarily the class you need recovery for, but it is encouraged to attend the tutoring session where you need academic assistance.
      • Student Code of Conduct is strictly enforced. Any violations will result in the student being removed from the Meet, administrative contact, and no attendance credit will not be given for that session.
      • Students that arrive late or do not commit to the full hour will not receive attendance credit.
      • Google Meet nicknames are be posted below for the students' reference.


Monday - Thursday    3:15 - 4:15
Friday by appointment only
*no tutoring sessions will be available on early dismissal days or on no-school days*