Step Four: Preparing for & Applying to College

You've done your homework, you have your list and now its time to apply to college.
  • Being organized and keeping your eye on the deadlines
  • Standardized Testing: SAT & ACT
  • Asking for recommendations
  • The college essay
  • The college visit & interview.  Why not sit in on some classes and talk to a professor?
  • The college application
  • What will your counselor do for you?  And what do you need to do for yourself?
  • Early Action?  Early Decision?
Standardized assessments such as the SAT and the ACT are common ways for colleges to determine if a student is academically prepared to be successful at their school.
College bound students should take a practice SAT in grades 10 & 11.  This test is offered on one day only in October.  Learn more here:
Learn more here:
Learn more here:
Interested in comparing how your score on the SAT compares to your score on the ACT?  
Some colleges have become "test optional" and don't require SAT or ACT scores.  The list changes from time to time so be sure to look for an updated list and verify it by going specifically to the college's website.
View College Resume Writing Presentation HERE
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