Guidance Services in the Event of an Extended Closure

While school may be closed, Guidance services are still available to students. 
In the following section you'll find information about how to contact your counselor.  Additionally, please access the other web pages for normally used links and information.
If you are having an emergency then please contact 911 immediately.
Email is the primary source of communication that the department will be utilizing. 
  • Counselors will be monitoring their email regularly during the working day. 
  • Counselors will utilize school emails for students. 
  • Parents/guardians will be contacted by email entered in Realtime.
A slower means of contacting the counselor is by leaving a brief message on the school voicemail.  Be sure to speak slowly and clearly.  Leaving an email adress on the voicemail will be incredibly helpful.    
  • Counselors will check voicemail once daily and respond via email.
  • Counselors do not have access to school phones when working from home. 
  • Counselors have been directed not to contact families using their private cell phones.
Guy Jorstad, Director 908-852-8150 x2233
Pam Willson, Secretary 908-852-8150 x2230
Laurie Cardell, High School Counselor 908-852-8150 x2234
Michael Lamison, High School Counselor 908-852-8150 x2236
Kathy Schuma, High School Counselor 908-852-8150 x2245
Jennifer Spuckes, High School SAC, HIB (and Spanish speaking) 908-852-8150 x2232
Jessica Luteran, Middle School Counselor 908-852-8554 x3231
Aspasia Verpeut, Willow Grove Counselor 908-852-2805 x4224
Please contact Marie Griffin, Principal 908-852-8550