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8th-Grade Parent Information On Freshmen Transition

Freshman Transition Program
The freshman transition program is a collection of events that helps to ease the transition to high school. Programs and nightly events start as early as October during a student’s eighth-grade year. Events include:
  • Eighth Grade Student and Parent Open House is held every October
  • The Assistant Principal attends at least one middle school principal forum to answer parent/student questions on an informal basis 
  • A pre-scheduling meeting in late fall with the Director of Pupil Services and the Assistant Principal. The high school staff will visit the students in school and explain the scheduling process. 
  • A night meeting for parents to highlight topics discussed at the pre-scheduling meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure the parents hear the same message as the students. 
  • Meeting counselors and starting the scheduling process in late winter
  • In late spring, we host a "Move Up Day" for students to familiarize themselves with the high school and next year's schedule
  • In July incoming students are mailed an informative packet that addresses summer assignments, Google login information, Parent Portal activation steps, information on Freshmen Orientation, and some course-specific details from the teachers.
  • In late August students are asked to participate in Freshman Orientation. At this event, students will get the opportunity to meet with the principal and review important information pertaining to HHS. School pictures are also taken so we can generate school ID's.