HHS Smart Pass & Single Use Restrooms


Single-Use Restrooms:

Over the holiday break, unisex decals were placed on each restroom door nearest the lobby. In an effort to provide all students in the building with an additional safe place to use the bathroom, these two restrooms will be single-use only and accessible to all students. Students can access these locations by receiving a key from the Main Office or room A-4. If not in use, the restrooms will remain in the locked position. These two restrooms increase the alternatives available for our student body and faculty. 

We are also introducing a new hallway pass system that will begin on January 31st (the start of the 3rd marking period). We have spent the last few months researching the success of this program and have spoken with stakeholders from other districts that are currently using it. The digital system is more sanitary and will help streamline our hallway passes, reduce the amount of paperwork involved, increase student accountability, and add an extra layer of security to our building.  
SmartPass will:
-reduce the amount of time students spend in the hallways
-set pass limits
-provide a comprehensive digital record of time away from class
-increase student safety during emergency situations
-help to prevent vandalism and disruptive behavior
The system is very simple to use and since all students have digital access through our 1:1 Chromebook initiative, students will have full control and access to this pass system.
Below is a quick presentation that describes the system and includes a 4-minute video that outlines how it is used. The video will help explain how to obtain a present or future pass to go anywhere in the building. We encourage all parents and students to watch the video.