Important 4th Marking Period Reminders

Dear Parents & Guardians,
As we close out our first week of the fourth marking period and welcome spring, I would like to share some information that will help ensure a successful end to the 2021-2022 school year. If you receive school emails you have already seen that earlier this week I emailed a list of important evening events to help you plan out the next several weeks. The list can also be found on our website under recent news. So all are aware, next week we are scheduled for an early dismissal on April 14th to start spring break. On that day we will shorten class periods and run a day similar to the early dismissal before the winter holiday. The day is designed to allow our students to have some fun for the last 90 minutes. Activities and fundraisers that are planned will support the girl's soccer team and junior/senior prom. The schedule will be shared with students early next week. Keep your fingers crossed for nice weather because we hope to let our students spend some time outside!
Finally, I ask that you read through some important reminders about the end of year and partner with us to keep your child informed. Below I listed four items that are always questioned in marking period four. The information shared can be found in the student handbook which is posted online. After each statement, I have shared the page the specific language can be found. And to help you navigate, I have attached the link for your convenience: Student handbook
  • Student attendance is a priority. Students can lose credit in a course because of attendance so it is important that all students come to school and are on time. Morning tardiness is a concern at the high school level so your support regarding this important initiative is greatly appreciated. (Page 39)
  • Dress code in the spring is also a priority. Our building is currently installing window air conditioning units in every classroom throughout the building. They will be operational by the end of this month. With that said, please remind your child/children to adhere to the dress code. Those that do not will be subject to the policy outlined on page 37.
  • Finals exams are scheduled for June 9th, 10th, 13th, and 14th. All students are expected to attend their exam blocks. Please avoid planning vacation during exams. Final exams will NOT be provided early and a makeup schedule is limited because the last day of school is June 17th. The official school policy is outlined on page 10  
  • Homework & Breaks:  As a measure of respect to our students and their families, teachers will refrain from assigning homework during religious observances and vacations when school is closed for more than 1 day.  Long-term assignments will not be due until a minimum of 3 days have passed after the students return to school. Over breaks such as NJEA Convention (November), Winter Break (December), and Spring Break (April) tests/quizzes will not be given on the two days following the return of the students. (Page 10)    
If you have any questions about anything shared, please reach out.
Enjoy the weekend.
Kyle S Sosnovik, Principal 
Hackettstown High School