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Mr. Cullen's Home Page

This is the home page of John Cullen - Teacher of Mathematics. I have a colleague who is also a Mr. Cullen who is a Teacher of History. His name is Scott Cullen, and this is not his home page, it is mine, If you are looking for him he can be reached via the following link; OMC (Other Mr. Cullen!)
This is my 15th year teaching at the high school. My schedule of classes for the 2023-24 Academic year is located in the table below:
I am available for help every day that school is in session. I can be found in the room that my first period class meets before school starts (assuming students are allowed in the building early). If you don't understand something, are unsure of something, or are having any issues, please come and see me. Let me know in advance, and I will be sure to be there.
If you are looking for information on courses that I am teaching for the 2023-24 academic year, you can access them from links that are located to the right of this section.