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My Current Schedule (2023-24 School Year)
Block Course Room
1 Planning Time A7
2 AP US History II A23
3 US History 1 CP ELL A23
4 Military History / World Politics A23
5 AP US History II A23
6 AP US History I A23
7 Planning Time A7
8 Lead Teacher Responsibilities  A7
A bit more detail can be found in my Welcome Video:

I can be found in the lead teacher office (A7) or my room (A23) most of the rest of the time. 


Here is my unit lunch schedule in 2023:








Lunch Supervision: Old Gym last 20 minutes - A23 earlier

PLC (History Department meeting)

Location: A23

Political Club: A23

Student Contact/Flex: A23 or A10

Student Contact/Flex: A23 or A10

Any time I am not no duty in or a History Department meeting, I'm happy to work with you - just email me to let me know you are coming!


Political Club will be weekly during unit lunch!  Join the google classroom for more info (snjgrw2)


Google Classroom is the best place to get due dates, homework assignments, or study guides.

Office Hours:  Come see me at Unit Lunch, ideally on Thurs or Friday in A23

I am always happy to meet with my students for study sessions, writing help, or anything else.


Drop by any time, but to make sure we'll have time, the best way to contact me is via email [email protected].