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My Current Schedule (2019-20 School Year - Fall)
Block Course Google Classroom Code
1 US History 2 Honors (A28) ivmnfak
2 US History 2 Honors (A28) hmsgmay
3 AP US History II (A28) nbzgyhl
4 AP US History I (A28) 5xuo567
5 REA (generally library) --
6 REA (generally A28)  --
7 Ancient Civilizations (A28) anhxakx
8 Military History (A28) joeepuy


I can be found in my room (A28) most of the rest of the time. 


Google Classroom is the best place to get due dates, homework assignments, or study guides.


Syllabi are available by clicking the links above!


Office Hours:

I am always happy to meet with my students for study sessions, writing help, or anything else.


Drop by any time, but to make sure we'll have time, the best way to contact me is via email jfarrand@hackettstown.org.


Office hours will be every day 12:50-1:23 at Google Meet at "HHSFarrand", but let me know you're coming via email!