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Math is not a spectator sport!
Contact Information
 908-852-8150 (ext 2841)
2023-2024 Teaching Schedule
Block 1 - REA
Block 2 - Honors Geometry - B9
Block 3 - Honors Statistics - B9
Block 4 - Honors Geometry - B9
Block 5 - CP Algebra 2 - B9
Block 6 - REA 
Block 7 - CP Algebra 2 - B9
Block 8 - Honors Algebra 2 - B9
Homework Assignments 
Homework will be clearly communicated with the students on a daily basis.  It is the students responsibility to record their homework in either their math notebook or in an agenda book at the end of each class meeting.  A log of Daily Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom for each individual class.  If a student is absent or misplaced their assignment, they should check the Google Classroom.  If for any reason the immediate assignment has not yet been posted in Google Classroom, it is expected that students reach out to a classmate for the assignment.
Graphing Calculators
All students must have a TI-84 Graphing Calculator with functioning batteries (not a TI-Inspire, TI-89 or a Casio) is required for all courses that I teach.  They will be needed for in class activities, assessments, and daily homework.  Students will be instructed on how to use this technology during class lectures.  Students are highly encouraged to secure their own calculators, but can also be requested the first day or two of school on a first come, first serve basis.  
Extra Help
I LOVE to teach...that being said, if you are having difficulties with course content, I strongly encourage you to ask questions in class.  If you still have questions, please reach out to me at the end of class or via email and we will set up a convenient time for both of us to discuss your concerns either during the unit lunch block or after school.