Student Government

  • Regular  Student Council Meetings are held in A 26 on the third Thursday of each month from 2:50- 3:30 in the HHS Library.


  • Class Meetings are held on a regular basis and are scheduled by HHS Administration.
  • HHS Student Council Classroom is maintained by the Administration, Faculty Advisors, and both the President and Vice President of the Student Council. Our Classroom page is the primary means of communication and, as such, should be checked regularly for announcements, activities, meetings, etc.
  • All elected Class Officers in grades 9-12 serve as Representatives to Student Council and must attend all scheduled meetings of the Student Council.
  • Student Council's Vice-President is a Junior class member elected in June or September and serves a two-year term, first as Vice president and then as Student Council President in their Senior year.
                    • Organizational Structure
  • Student Council President: runs all Regular Meetings, sets meeting agendas, attends all Board of Education Meetings as the HHS representative, and is the primary liaison with HHS Administration.
  • Student Council Vice President: runs Regular Meetings in absence of the President, takes roll call and minutes at Regular Meetings, is the BOE representative in the absence of the Student Council President, and is the secondary liaison with the Administration
    • Class Officers represent the concerns of the class (9-12) that elected them. Class elections are held in September of each academic year.

Any student from class may run to be an officer for their class each year. Each class has their own Class Advisor and each class serves on a specific committee* on the Student Council (Freshmen: Building Improvement, Sophomores: Publicity, Juniors: Academic, Seniors: Tiger Pride). They also plan and execute all activities for their respective classes.

  • At-Large Members are volunteer members of the student body. Such members are always welcome and encouraged to attend all Regular Meetings. They are essential to the ongoing work of the Student Council, as they provide new ideas and balance to the group as a whole.
*All Committee Minutes must be recorded in a timely manner in a Google Doc and shared with the Student Council President so they may be posted on Student Council Classroom.