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Ms. Rood's Homepage

Welcome to the 2023 - 2024 School Year!
This year my schedule consists of Algebra POR, Algebra ICRS, Mathematics as well as Academic Support. 
If you should need to reach me the best way to do so via email at [email protected]
2023-2024 Teaching Schedule
  • Block 1 - Academic Support Room B9
  • Block 2 - Algebra 1 Room C3
  • Block 3 - Mathematics Room B5
  • Block 5 - Algebra 1 Room C3
  • Block 7 - CP Algebra 1 with Mr. Kobovitch Room B20
  • Block 8 - CP Algebra 1 with Mr. Kobovitch Room B20
Be sure to join our Google classroom! Check your school email for an invitation from me! 
We will be utilizing Google Classroom as well as Math IXL for the school year 
POR Algebra 1 involves lots of application:
Notes should be coming home and looked over on a daily basis.
We will be focusing on a specific set of skills that are used over and over again throughout the year. It is important that you the student become your own best advocate in this class.
Any questions regarding this class please email me at [email protected]
Three Ring binder (2 inch) or notebook
lined paper
Pencil Case filled with: 
pencils, erasers, 4-8 colored pencils
  *****TI - 84 is the calculator of choice as it will be used for the rest of your student's high school career as well as in college.  This is a great investment since it can also be used for the PSAT, SAT/ACT as well as the NJSA. 
Academic Support is a non-credited course offered to your student as a way to maintain their grades and receive extra help in a small group setting.  This class offers your student the ability to complete homework, work on projects, or complete any missing assignments all within a timely manner. They may also take the time to develop a routine of organization as well as learning to monitor/take responsibility for their grades.  Academic support can be used to study for upcoming tests & quizzes as well as make any corrections that may be needed.  Students are expected to show to class each day with the materials necessary to complete assignments. 
Any questions regarding this class, please contact Ms. Rood at