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              Mechanical Engineering         Aerospace Engineering      Manufacturing Engineering
               Mechanical Engineering      Aerospace     Manufacturing     
             Engineering Applications                VEX Robotics                                 ROV Robotics
             Engineering Applications     Robotics     ROV Robotics
                    Fall 2023 Schedule                           Spring 2024Schedule
                 Block 1 - Mechanical Engineering                                 Block 1 - Mechanical Engineering
                          Block 2 - Mechanical Engineering                                 Block 2 - Mechanical Engineering
                          Block 3 -  REA                                                                            Block 3 - REA                                                                                  Block 4 - Aerospace Engineering                                   Block 4 - Engineering Applications                                  Block 5 - VEX Robotics                                                        Block 5 - ROV Robotics
                          Block 6 - VEX Robotics                                                        Block 6 - ROV Robotics
                          Block 7 - VEX Robotics                                                        Block 7 - ROV Robotics
                          Block 8 - Aerospace Engineering                                   Block 8 - Aerospace Engineering
Office Hours: Before and after school
Welcome to Engineering & Robotics at Hackettstown High School. My semester-based courses are designed to build conceptual understanding of engineering principles through hands-on, project-based, student-driven experiential learning.
What does this mean? It means that for each project, students are given an open-ended problem statement for which small teams collaborate to develop a solution that meets the design objective and outperforms the results of other teams in a friendly competitive environment. Teams benefit from the need to consider multiple design ideas, agreeing on a chosen solution, designing, building, testing and evaluating their work. They are encouraged to take design risks and accept that failure is not an end but the beginning of a new and improved design.
Students will become problem-solvers, first and foremost. They will learn to safely use power tools and sophisticated manufacturing equipment. While some students may decide to pursue a STEAM career as a result of their experience in my classes, all students will develop an approach to solving challenging problems that they can apply to their career of choice. Oh! One more point - students will have fun in the process!!
Tiger Robotics Team 6016 Coach                                           Tiger Robotics Team 6016
                 On the Detroit River as Producer of the 4D Engineering Careers Theater Film for thDetroit Science Center, 2007                                            Aerospace
                                                             All photos are the property of Rick Russell