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Attention All Students: Library Lunch Pass System has Changed!
We are now using Google Classroom to sign up for a lunch pass. Please join the Library Lunch Pass Google Classroom to attain a pass.
If the below Lunch Pass FAQs do not answer all your questions, please email or stop in to see Mrs. Domick.
Lunch Pass FAQs:
*How do I get access to the Lunch Pass Google Classroom? Simply join the classroom using the code: 3dqaaz 
*How to get a lunch pass? Every day you will be able to log into the lunch pass classroom and sign up for a pass.
*When can I sign up for a pass? The daily pass system will open up at 6am and close at 11am. Once you are a member of the lunch pass classroom, you can set your phone to alert you when the lunch pass sign up opens for the day.
*What if I don't a phone or laptop to access a pass? A dedicated Chromebook will be set up in the library for you to get one.
*Can my teacher still write me a pass? No. Paper passes will be not accepted during the trial period.
*What about students with "permanent library passes"? No. Permanent passes will not be honored during the trial period.

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Librarian Hours:

Monday - Friday:  
7:30 a.m. - 2:45 p.m.
Extended Library Hours: 
Extended hours begin on October 1st at 3:00pm!
The library will remain open until 3:45 p.m. four days a week for tutoring (see schedule below). Students need not take advantage of tutoring in order to stay until closing. If a teacher assigned to tutor cancels tutoring and no alternate is available, the library will close at 2:50 p.m.  On half days and/or days before a holiday or vacation, the library will close at dismissal time.

Library Staff:
Mrs. Sarah Domick, Library Media Specialist
908-852-8150  x249


Starting Monday, October 1st, the library will be open Monday - Friday after school for tutoring purposes and/or library usage from 2:45pm to 3:45pm (except on days of Faculty Meetings - on those days the library will close at 2:33pm and reopen at 3:00pm).  The program will be held throughout the year with exception of any day prior to a vacation or on half days, on those days the library will close at dismissal. 
The After School Tutoring schedule is as follows:
Science Tutoring - Mrs. Sterling
Social Studies Tutoring - Mr. Farrand/Ms. Gorski
Math Tutoring - Ms. Palahnuk
English Tutoring - Ms. Matlack
Math Tutoring - Mrs. Donovan-Rauh 
Please note, the above schedule may change due to teacher availability. Students are to be reminded to check the library door on a daily basis to see if a tutoring session has changed. If a tutoring session needs to be changed the tutor will look to switch the day or contact their alternate. If the day can not be switched and the alternate is unavailable, the administration will do their best to keep the library open for general library use only. In the event no tutoring or library use is available, the library will close at 2:50 p.m. 

Checking Out Books:

Students may check-out up to 5 books at one time.  The student ID serves as library card. Fines of 5¢per day are assigned to books that are overdue.  Students are responsible for the materials they checkout and will be billed if a book is lost or damaged.  Browse the Library OPAC to find books for pleasure or for a class assignment.