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Mid-Year Benchmark Expectations

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Since November the high school instructional staff, administration, central office, and board of education have been discussing the plan for mid-year assessments that are given annually at the high school. We quickly realized that the virtual environment has provided a blend of positive and negative outcomes. As shown by our honor roll and high honor numbers from MP 1, many students have found success in our new learning environment. At the same time, virtual learning has also created additional stress and anxiety which impacts overall wellness. With that in mind, a traditional midterm assessment was not practical because it would amplify wellness concerns. The concerns associated with studying and taking several two-hour exams outweighed the benefits. With wellness as our driving force, we focused our efforts on providing an alternate assessment strategy that incorporated:
  • Student Choice
  • Demonstration of Mastery
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Overall Mental Wellness
With our focus established, we moved away from the traditional test administration and created a plan that allows students to focus their efforts on benchmark assessments over a five-week period (January 4th through February 5th).
Below are links that outline all student expectations. Everyone should read the Benchmark Assessment Q & A document before reviewing anything else. It provides a clear outline of expectations. 
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