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Eligibility Requirements

 Eligibility Requirements 

With a Rotation Block Schedule, a possible forty (40) credits for the entire school year can be obtained.  The number of credits needed for athletic eligibility will be as follows:


To be eligible for the first semester (Fall & Winter Teams) a student must have received 30 credits or more from the previous school year.


  • To be eligible for the second semester (Feb. 1 – June 30th Spring Teams) a student must be passing 6 out of their 8 classes after the end of the 2nd marking period.

(September 1 – February 1)


  • It is recognized that students may accelerate their academic programs during their first three years of secondary schooling. Consequently, such students may be eligible in the second semester of their senior year even when they carry less than 12.5% of the State minimum (15 credits) during the first semester provided they are meeting their school district’s graduation requirements and are passing all courses in which they are enrolled at the start of the semester.  Seniors who withdraw from courses with a passing grade (wp) will be eligible provided they are carrying sufficient credits for graduation purposes.


  • Student athletes must be in school for at least 4 hours of attendance during the course of the school day in order to practice or compete unless approval is given by the athletic administrator for special circumstances.


Please inform your student-athletes of these requirements